Sommelier's Choice

The wine list and sommelier service at Vue de monde is designed to reflect and enhance the menu, and to provide a contemporary, global context to Australia’s winemaking tradition.  Similarly, the wine list and sommelier service at Vue Shop is designed to reflect and enhance your experiences, whether it be a change in season, a celebration or something to pair with your Wednesday night dinner.  Central to the Vue de monde cellar is a celebration of Victorian producers; its emphasis on vintage depth bringing focus to the unique history of the wine regions surrounding Melbourne.

Beyond Victoria, the diversity of Australia’s wine regions is represented by a collection of iconic and emerging producers with a common thread of regional and varietal typicity connecting each listing. 

Farther afield, the collection of international wines reflects Vue de monde’s international vantage point, inspiring guests to visit new sites or return to favourite places.

With a range of different backgrounds, the sommeliers across each of our venues at Vue Group are eager to share their experience and passion for wine. At Vue Shop, we want to share the experience of tasting from the Vue wine cellar.

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